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Mrs Doris Crossley, the wife of Mr Harold Crossley, was born in 1904 in Lytham Lancashire. She was born a Mathew and left school at the age of 14 to work in a food store in St Annes’s-on-Sea. It is thought that Mrs Crossley was working in a pub in Dublin when Mr Crossley met her.

They moved back to England and married in the January of 1950, just prior to setting sail for South Africa

Mrs Crossley died in 1986. On her death the Doris Crossley Foundation was established with the aim of doing similar work to that of The Harry Crossley Foundation but her Foundation allowed for the support of Undergraduate students at both UCT and Stellenbosch. Again Politics and Religion are the only areas of study that are not permitted under the terms of the deed.

Currently there are approximately 140 postgraduate students and 60 undergraduate students who receive funding each year and a significant number of research projects are supported at both UCT and SU.

Doris Crossley


Doris Crossley was born.


Moved back to England and married.


Mrs Crossley died. The Doris Crossley Foundation was established.


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